Tuesday, February 11, 2014

GOLD Love: TV Room Redesign

We have a finished attic space in our house that I'm really looking forward to decorating.  It's very plain right now, with carpet that needs a little love and walls that could definitely use another coat of paint.  It's a tricky room because it's got the slanted ceiling that a lot of attics have and it also lacks light.  There's only one small window at the end of the long room.  Someday, I would love to add large dormer windows to open the space and add light but we shall see if that ever becomes a priority on our to-do list.

In the meantime, I know I could paint, add more storage and some decorative accessories and the room would be a lot more welcoming.  It's the room we have our only TV in, so I'd love to hang out in there and feel like it suits me.  Though we are often in this room, it is my least favorite in the house.  I would love to have it reflect the design sensibility of the rest of our home but have it's own unique style since it's set-apart from a lot of the rest of our home.  

This is where I'm hoping to take the room:  

I want to paint the walls a bright white to keep what little light there is in the room.  My friend Susan came over a few weeks ago and she had the idea to keep the walls white and paint the baseboards, door and window trim black. As soon as she said it, I knew that's what I would do. I LOVE black and white.  It can make a room feel modern OR vintage and never goes out of style.  The rest of my house has white trim but this room is sort of in the corner of the house and something different would be a lot of fun!

When I clear the room of all the stuffed animals, cushions, random kid-related objects and other miscellany it's hoarding, I will take a photo and show you the bones I am working with :)

I LOVE LOVE the wallpaper in my moodboard and planned to use it at each end of the room, but I think I've decided to go with a less expensive and easier-to-apply material.  These gold dot decals from The Land of Nod:  

DIY CONFETTI WALL with decals – D, some more gold polka dot walls for the girls room. This blog tells you how to DIY. The cascading effect is nice, maybe makes it a little more mature since you were worried the other one might look too young.

This photo won me over.  They don't have to just look good in a kids' room.  They are very Kate Spade-y and I love them!  Plus, who wants to put wallpaper on slanted walls? 

Other than that, I plan to get a black and white striped rug to cover the carpet and add pattern to the room.  I'm leaning toward this one from Crate and Barrel right now.  It's a great price for a large rug.

We will keep our current couch and chair-and-a-half in the room, which look similar to the ones on the moodboard.  I'm thinking of ordering several shelves from IKEA to create a low and enclosed storage unit for toys and to keep our TV on.  And of course, there will be lighting and accessories.  I'll keep you updated on the progress.  I'm hoping to paint soon!

Happy Day!