Wednesday, April 2, 2014

An eclectic bathroom collage

One of the things I had on my to-do list before my pregnancy went into full-swing-sick-mode was putting up some fun art in our downstairs bathroom.  I picked out what I wanted to hang, set it in the bathroom corner and there it sat for close to 3 months while it waited for me to get off the couch and hang some nails. Well this weekend came and I was ready to hang those babies! 

I was inspired by the bathroom collage in Jeanne Oliver's main floor bath (halfway through her post).   Her style is just slightly more rustic than mine but in a lot of ways her house reminds me of mine or ideas I've had for mine.  It was funny because my bathroom was already painted the same color and the tall ceilings are perfect for some art.  I felt like we had the same bathroom!

In our house, this is the bathroom most people use when they come over.  It was already a fun room due to the adorable bowl sink placed on an old sewing table and the unique industrial faucet put in by the previous owner but I wanted to add some of my own touch.  It feels eclectic and old and I hoped to reflect that in the art I hung.  

I chose a mix of textures, colors, shapes and images.  I didn't want it to look matchy-matchy but like it had evolved over time.  Most of the prints and frames I already had.  A few things I was given recently and the mint metal medallion and old wooden clipboard are from my favorite vintage shop in town-- Vintage No. 35 (though I might be a little biased on this).  

The bathroom is teeny-tiny so it was super hard to get in a place where I could take photos.  I think I was curled up on the sink at this point.  But I contorted my body in an effort to be able to show you the corner half of the room.

There's a floral tapestry I bought at Goodwill, a photo of a French garden found in a recent issue of Southern Living Magazine, a spring bike printable from my Etsy shop and a jar of button flowers I placed inside a blue shadow box and secured with a dab of glue from my glue gun. 

The little shelf is from a friend and is a cute fit for the room and my mini-succulent. The butterfly print was a gift from Jared and is just sitting there until I find a frame for it.

I wanted one more thing and ran to my art room for some ideas. I ended up framing some vintage key burlap in a mint hoop I bought at Goodwill last year. 

The egg print is a reprint from a vintage textbook and the frame is one I found at Goodwill and painted.  The wooden "JOY" sign I have had for awhile and next to that is a little stitching that says "Bless your Heart" done by my friend Jayme's mom.  The white frame on top is from IKEA and has a photograph of a potting station from a recent Better Homes and Gardens issue. 

My friend Maggie (made?) the chalkboard tags and mailed them to me in a pretty package with a bunch of other adorable things while I was sick.  I liked the idea of something in the bathroom other than frames and this was the perfect "something".  

I'm still looking for something cute to hang on the clipboard.  Maybe something with writing.  Not sure.  

I hope to add to this wall over time.  There's a lot more space I could hang things on.  But for now, it looks fine and as I see things that will go, I may hang them.  I also love that I can change out some of the art for the different seasons.  I had a whole different set of prints and photographs to hang when I thought I was going to be doing this in the winter.  Oh well, winter will always come again!

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  1. Love the idea of hanging a clipboard, Rachel! How perfect for changing out prints as the seasons change. So creative!