Monday, October 13, 2014

Wendi's Rustic + Vintage + Fabulous Kitchen

Wendi is a fun friend that I met about 8 years ago when we lived in another nearby town.  We both volunteered with the high school youth at our church and I remember some of the girls talking about how her house was so cool and different. "Like, she has an old pink door hanging on the wall!".  I remember being intrigued by what I knew of Wendi's decorating style but wasn't really into the vintage/salvaged look myself yet.  Wendi was totally cool before vintage was cool.

Wendi, her husband and their three kids live in a 1000 sq foot 1950's ranch.  They have considered moving somewhere bigger but instead Wendi has decided to love where she lives and is making it her mission to add a dash of cottage style and loads of character to their abode.

Check out the exterior before Wendi did her magic:

After a little redo it's so adorable and unique <3  I love the teal shakes.

Recently, Wendi's kitchen was completely gutted and renovated in an effort to make the space more functional for their family.  I seriously adore what she did in the space.  When she posted photos of the new kitchen on facebook, I died.  You will too.

This gives you an idea of the style of her kitchen BEFORE the reno:

Here's Wendi's inspiration:

I LOVE white subway tile.  It's so classic.  I also love the warm woods mixed in with the whites and grays. It's so inviting.

Here's her kitchen after the remodel:  
{Can we get an audible applause?!!!}

If I was designing a new kitchen, this is exactly what it would look like.  And can you believe the counters are laminate?!

Wendi said her inspiration is just what she is drawn to.  From Wendi:

"Growing up my mom owned a cleaning and decorating business. So changing things up, painting a room a new color or rearranging was common place. Since she was a single mom without much cash flow, rearranging gave us a chance to create a fresh new space without breaking the bank. I've carried that philosophy into my home."

She goes with what she loves; simple as that.

Things I adore in this kitchen:

  • The open shelving
  • The lighting (and the ambiance the can-lights bring to the room)
  • The counters
  • The sink
  • The cabinets
  • The range hood
  • OK, everything!! (Especially Wendi's styling)
Here's a source list for ya:

Cabinets: Paramount Kitchens (White shaker)
Knobs & Pulls: Rejuvenation

Countertop: Wilsonart HD Laminate in Calcutta Marble with Marbella edge

Open shelving: reclaimed wood (made by a local business, Rescued Junk)
Brackets on open shelving: West Elm

Slim Line fridge: Home Depot

Breakfast bar and above sink lights: Restoration Hardware

Stools: Iowa State University surplus sale at only $10 each!
(just like Restoration Hardware and Schoolhouse Electric's $200-300 version!)

White dishes from a mix of places:
TJ Maxx
Garage sales

Range hood: IKEA

Sink: Kohler (she couldn't do a farmhouse sink because of lack of space but this gives a similar feel because of the white cast iron)
Faucet: Home Depot

Pantry door: reclaimed door painted matte black with old white porcelain knob (also from Rescued Junk)
Frosted glass: done by local glass company
Interior shelves: Rescued Junk

All the construction was done by a company from Norwalk, Iowa: Juergen's Property Development (Wendi said they were great to work with and totally got her vision, by the way!)

Isn't it beautiful?  Thanks for sharing with us Wendi.  Now we will all go and cry over our boring kitchens ;)


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  1. Nice. We are friends with the Juergen's family. They are great people.