Thursday, December 5, 2013

O Tannenbaum

We recently moved to the country and so this year I wanted my Christmas décor, and especially my tree, to reflect the feel of our new house and surroundings.  I went with what I call a “cabin chic” theme.  It’s a little rustic, a little vintage, a little sparkly—red, green, metallics, book pages, plaid, burlap.  It’s a lumberjack’s beautiful wife, all dolled-up and ready for a night on the town with her man.

We went to the tree lot for the first time in four years to pick out a tree.  Now that we are out in the “boonies” (not really), the Christmas tree farm is just a hop, skip, and a jump away.  Which is nice, since most everything else isn’t anymore. All that to say, when something is close-by us out here, we get pretty excited. 

So we picked out a tree, all 9 ½ feet of her and brought her home to find that she was too tall.  Our ceilings are about 9 feet tall and so we had to chop a little off the top, or so to speak.  We also turned her so the big gaping hole was at the back and facing the corner (the lot was pretty picked over this year!) ;)

Here she is: 

So in keeping with my theme, I trimmed her in all sorts of cabin-in-the-woods type things.  White lights and burlap garland (Michael’s has it) made a great base and then the rest of the stuff went on.

Big puffy snow-flakes that have a hint of sparkle filled in larger gaps and gave the tree focal point areas. 

I stuck in sprigs of white glittery stems and red sequined ones too.  It’s a little something unexpected here and there.  

I love vintage ornaments- especially these balls that are a little worn but still beautiful.  I used the red, green and silver ones I already had.  

“Vintage” keys adorn her with a little something different and in a contrasting material than most items I chose.


My favorite project were these tree slices that I hand stamped with common Christmas phrases and song lyrics. The stamped slices were inspired by Jones Design Company where she cut a large slice, stamped a quote, and hung it on the wall in her boys' room.  My husband used his table saw to slice these pretties and then drilled a hole for a strand of hemp.  I used a cheap-o stamp set that I bought at Michael’s in the dollar section and a regular black ink pad for stamping.  To finish them off and add a pop of color- I tied on red ribbon.  I love projects where I use what I have (or in this case, find outside) because they don’t cost me any extra money and oftentimes, it really gets my creativity flowing!

Red glitter snowflakes to add to the "chic" side of things.  

A couple years ago I made these book page ornaments by simply slicing up vintage book pages and sticking them in glass balls.  They always work with whatever I am doing because they are neutral.  So easy and pretty.

I had a craft night a few months ago and my friend Annie cut a pattern from this adorable fabric.  She left the scraps in my “scrap jar” and I had the idea to tie them to my tree.  Yep, just find some fabric that speaks to you and literally tie it to your tree.  Ragged edges are a plus J  Scraps are free and this was so simple and cute! Just the perfect touch of “cabin”.

Lastly, I put on our stash of family ornaments-- at least the ones that weren't purple or bright yellow :) My mom has always given me a Christmas ornament every year-- now she gives to my kids as well. This one was from last year & it's one of my favorites.

I bought these burlap potato sacks at a junk show a couple years ago.  They are my go-to tree skirt now.  I <3 them.

And we topped her off with a red glitter star. 

So that is that!  I love it because it feels so cozy and welcoming.  She looks put together but unpretentious.  My kind of girl!

I'm a big fan of using what I have when I decorate.  Mainly because I change things up a lot and it would cost me a fortune to always be buying new.  I DO buy new things (the silver sprigs were new) but everything else were things I already had on hand.  I tend to buy items that fit the same genre so I can reuse them for different moods or seasons.  I added pops of red and sparkles to neutrals and it instantly became "holiday".  

Nature is also a great place to find decor.  Got some old branches?  Spray paint them and put them in a jar, hang ornaments (or envelopes for an advent calendar) and you have huge impact at little cost.  Be careful not to spray paint branches infested with bugs!  I did that one year, it was NOT fun to find teeny tiny crawly things on my dining room table ;)

So do you have a theme when you decorate for Christmas?  What is your theme this year?

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  1. Love the burlap sack tree skirt! Can't wait to see more posts, Rachel!