Monday, December 9, 2013

These are a few of my (new) favorite things!

Our family went to Florida over Thanksgiving this year and I came home with a few goodies.  After unpacking for at least an hour, I got into full Christmas-decoration-mode and bought a few more items.  It seems every year I need to buy a few things in order to get my house fully fluffed and feathered for Christmas.  But, like I mentioned in my last post, I like to use what I have on hand or make something as often as I can. 

I just don’t make clocks very well.  Or mirrors.  Or blankets… 

Anyway, it’s on to the list of my (new) favorite things:

Birch candles | World Market | $6.99 // $9.99

These look very real.  More real than the Pottery Barn ones I saw at the mall on Saturday and probably cheaper.  I will never burn these babies.  They will live eternally on pretty pedestal candlesticks. 

Vintage clock | IKEA | $5.99

My son wanted to buy this clock when we went to IKEA over vacation.  I took one look at it and said, “YES!”  It’s not super heavy but it looks awesome and at less than $6, I love it even more! 

Silver Mirror | Kirkland’s | $29.98

I wanted a mirror for over our fireplace to make our living room feel larger, and since we have tall-ish ceilings, I needed a mirror that wouldn't look dinky.  I am sort of a cheap-skate so any item over $40 is really painful for me to buy.  Most mirrors I had seen this size (about 2.5’ x 3’) were at least $60, if not $100.  Ah, I mean a mirror is nice and all but I’d rather spend $100 on new shoes or a cleaning lady ;)  That being said, I LOVED this when I saw it.  It was on sale for $20 off and had the touch of bling I was looking to add to my rustic living room. 

*I bought this for $40 and now it's on sale for $30.  That's an AWESOME deal if you need a good-sized mirror!  

I wanted to add some knitted pillows to my couch for the winter but I wasn't finding what I wanted in my price-range so I hadn't bought anything.  When we went to IKEA I found some beautiful cable-knit throws and decided to just get a throw instead. The one I originally saw was out of stock so I had to get this one.  And I am SO glad I did.  It’s so luxurious and soft. I adore it.   

In keeping with my cabin-chic theme for my décor right now, I also wanted to add some touches of plaid to my house. I had looked and looked for plaid pillows on Etsy and finally found this gem.  I love it because it’s got Sherpa on the other side.  I also love supporting handmade because I know how much every sale means to those small businesses! 

And that’s that!  What have you found out and about this season that you’ve taken home with you?  

Come back soon,

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  1. Wow...can't wait to see your holiday decor in person!! Beautiful home Rachel:-)